10% of HEMPEA sales for Ukraine

HEMPEA donates 10% of sales for Ukraine

War in Ukraine is shocking and we feel powerless. I also wonder how can I work and act normal in my daily life, when people so close by are suffering immensely. How can I keep marketing and selling my products like nothing happened? What does this all matter? How could I help? Is there anything I can do?

If you have thought of purchasing HEMPEA, now is a good time. By doing so, you will help.

I have decided to donate 10% of HEMPEA sales to Ukraine through Finn Church Aid (Kirkon ulkomaanapu, non-profit organization). This applies to all orders in HEMPEA web shop and purchases at the HEMPEA work space in Ivalo, Finland. I will do the donation from sales during this week, i.e. orders made by Sunday 6th of March.

Though it may seem difficult to help in tangible ways, donating money is one efficient way of helping. Together we are more and this way we can do good together.

Update on 9th of March 2022. Thank you so much. You made possible an 86€ donation to Finn Church Aid Ukraine fundraise.

With warm wishes, Marja-Maija

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