HEMPEA comes from the wide open Fells, chrystal clear waters, nightless nights and dark winter nights of Northern Lapland.

Roaming in nature has always been an important part of my daily life. It's hard to imagine a life without the surrounding forests, silence, clean water and fresh air.When I first got to know hemp fabric and how ecological it is, I wondered why it's not more available to people. That's how I got the business idea of somehow using hemp and giving people the opportunity to use this wonderful material. After several fabric and product testing I ended up in bed linen and towels, where the softness, durability and comfort of the fabric comes best alive.

Authenticity is a vital part of both the materials and my way of working. Hemp is a nature friendly material, which is farmed without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Hemp is a modest plant that grows well in the North too. Its cultivation improves soil quality and the strong roots prevent erosion. Our hemp comes from Romania, where it's processed and spinned into yarn as well as weaved into fabric without chemicals, using only traditional mechanical methods.

That's why hemp fabric is just perfect for natural, gentle HEMPEA world.

HEMPEA Founder Marja-Maija Valtonen

Behing the company it's me, Marja-Maija. I was living in Germany and working with start-ups in the medical field. I admired the passion and enthusiasm of the young entrepreneurs. I started dreaming of a company of my own. At the same time Ionged for more quiet and peaceful lifestyle back home in Lapland, Finland. I moved back to Finland and developed the business idea for a few years. Until in HEMPEA was born in 2017. 

In entrepreneurship I do things as feels natural to me and the company values are the same as my personal values. With my products I want to pass on kindness and peace, the same that nature provides us with. In addition to nature and planet Earth I value and respect people and their wellbeing.

I'm a gentle dreamer, who gets easily excited. As a solo entrepreneur I do everything from designing to marketing, from packing your orders to social media. I still cut all the fabrics ready for the seamstress and occasionally also do sewing myself. I'm a mother of three small girls and one older bonus child. Family is most important to me and they are also the ones who make it possible for me to do this work. My kids are my happy helpers and an inspiration to me. Many of the kids' products have born out of necessity when they have grown.