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3 ways to use laundry vinegar

Puhdas Company and HEMPEA care for nature

This blog post is in collaboration with Puhdas Company. It's written by guest writers Sofia and Annina from Puhdas Company. They will share here their best tips for using laundry vinegar.

Sharing values

Puhdas Company and HEMPEA share many important values of ecological living, ethical working and doing good. The products of both companies are natural, biodegradable, and partly or completely made in Finland. Our companies are like the two branches of the same story, that are brought together by love for nature and the mission to give better options for consumers. HEMPEAs high quality hemp textiles last for decades from generation to generation when carefully taken care of.  Puhdas Company offers products for washing and taking care of natural materials. These can make the textiles even more long lasting.

Puhdas Company laundry vinegar for HEMPEA hemp textiles

Laundry vinegar does good for hemp textiles

Laundry vinegar is an excellent conditioner for hemp textiles, because it is biodegradable and doesn't burden nature. Here are some tips for using laundry vinegar.

Use laundry vinegar as a fabric softener for hemp textiles and get soft textiles that stay clean and in good condition longer. Also the washing machine is happy, because the vinegar keeps the machine clean.

Sometimes bed linen and towels feel stuffy when kept long in the drawer. Update them fresh with diluted laundry vinegar (1 part laundry vinegar, 9 parts water). Spray the solution with a spraying bottle straight on the textiles and let dry in an airy place. You can use the same solution as a ironing water to freshen laundry.

If this freshening up isn't enough, you can keep the hemp textiles in laundry vinegar - water solution (1 dl laundry vinegar, 3-5 L water) for about half an hour. Then wash normally.

HEMPEA Pielpa hemp waffle towel gets softer with Puhdas Company laundry vinegar

Puhdas Company does good for the nature

Puhdas Company was started by three women who wanted to create home detergents, that would be better for the nature and people. Our products combine Finnish design, nature and doing good. We are inspired by the unique Finnish nature. We make all our products by ourselves from pure ingredients and with respect to nature thus saving our planet's resources at every step of product lifetime.

We want to give back where we take. We giveback to nature from each product: for forests, oceans and for air. From Metsä (=forest) collection we donate to forest protection, from Meri (=sea) collection to sea nature protection and from Ilma (=air) collection to planting trees.

We would like to offer HEMPEA customer a discount of -20% from our Meri, Metsä and Ilma laundry vinegars until end of June 2022. You'll get the discount at www.puhdascompany.fi with the code HEMPEA20.

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