Kylpyhuoneen sisustus – 10 sisustusideaa

Bathroom decoration - 10 design ideas

The bathroom is one of the most important and used spaces in the home, and that's why bathroom design is something you want to invest in. Combining practicality and visual appeal to create an atmospheric whole is the key to bathroom design. Many people want to create a spa atmosphere in the bathroom of their home, as seen in spa hotels.

But decorating a bathroom can seem like a daunting task. Many bathroom improvement tips require renovation skills. But in this article, I've put together some decorating ideas that don't take much effort to implement.

Carefully considered details can take your bathroom to the next level. After reading the article, you'll know 10 concrete ways to improve your bathroom interior by paying attention to detail.

1. Play with shapes to create a coherent interior

Playing with shapes is an easy way to create a coherent bathroom interior. You can choose similar shapes for bathroom towel hooks, hand soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and mirror, for example.

Rounded shapes are often a good choice when you want to create softness in a space. Rounded shapes are also often used in hotels, making them a good choice for a decorator looking for a hotel feel.

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2. Install a ceiling light that draws attention

Bathroom lighting is often left to a simple mirror light, with a discreet plafond installed in the ceiling at most. However, to add some visual interest to your bathroom, you can choose a hanging light fixture. At its best, a ceiling-mounted light fixture can be the highlight and eye-catcher of a bathroom.

However, please remember to ensure that the luminaire meets the requirements for a luminaire to be installed in a damp location.

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3. Brighten up the space with plants

Houseplants are a common sight in almost every room in the home except the bathroom. However, the bathroom interior can be enlivened by the greenery of plants. The contrast between light-coloured tiles and the green colour of houseplants makes the space more interesting.

The best plants for the bathroom are those that don't need much light and thrive in damp conditions. For example, palm frond and anemone do well in low light. A variety of climbing plants, on the other hand, enjoy the humidity in the bathroom.

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4. Create a spa atmosphere with towel choices

Towels can make a big difference to the overall look of your bathroom. Especially for those looking for a spa feel, towel choices are key.

Choose larger-than-usual towels for your bathroom that feel soft against your skin. HEMPEA waffle towels are wider than standard towels and therefore feel wonderfully luxurious. The waffle weave, made from hemp, is also comfortable and warm against the skin.

Soothing shades of light grey, light blue, beige and white create a calm and harmonious atmosphere. Bath and hand towels should be the same shade to keep the interior calming. HEMPEA bath towels are also available with hand towels in the same shade.

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5. Bring art into the bathroom and give the space a personal touch

Adding art to your bathroom interior is an easy way to express your own style and make your bathroom personal. Whether it's calm and relaxing or energetic and lively, artwork can help you create the mood you want in your bathroom.

So what kind of art is right for your bathroom? First of all, choose artwork that is resistant to moisture and steam. The humid air in the bathroom can affect the durability of delicate materials, so choose artwork such as glass art, watercolours or works protected by moisture-insulating glass and frames.

Secondly, consider the themes and colours of the works. Water-themed pieces are always a safe choice for the bathroom. Nature themes, such as flowers, are also popular. The colour scheme of the artwork should be carefully chosen to match the overall look of the bathroom and the interior colours.

Art is easy to find online, as well as in local galleries and art rental shops. If you're not ready to buy artwork, you can also try decorative posters.

6. Paint the bathroom ceiling

When planning the bathroom interior, don't forget the role of the ceiling. Painting the bathroom ceiling can be an effective way to change the look of the entire space and make a significant impact on the interior design.

By choosing the right colour, you can influence the overall mood of your bathroom. For example, a light-coloured ceiling paint can open up the space and make it feel spacious and bright. This can be particularly useful in small bathrooms. On the other hand, a darker ceiling paint can create an elegant and dramatic look to a bathroom. A dark ceiling can help create a more intimate atmosphere and give depth to the space. This kind of choice is particularly suitable for larger bathrooms where you want to emphasise the luxury of the space.

When planning to paint your bathroom ceiling, be sure to choose a moisture-resistant paint or roof coating. Choosing a high-gloss paint can make it easier to keep your bathroom ceiling clean, as dirt will come off more easily on a slippery surface.

7. Install a shelf

Installing a shelf in your bathroom will both provide more storage space and give you more freedom to decorate.

For example, a shelf provides an excellent place for plants, which bring a natural greenery and freshness to the bathroom. The shelf can also serve as a handy storage space for towels and other bathroom accessories. Towel rolls, jars, baskets or jars placed in a basket allow you to keep your accessories organised and easily accessible. This adds functionality to the bathroom and helps keep the space neat and tidy.


8. Add some colour to your bathroom interior

Adding colour can bring just the right amount of joy and freshness to your bathroom. Easy ways to add splashes of colour to your bathroom include:

  • Painting an effect wall in a bold shade. Bringing in a bright yellow, a soft pink or a refreshing turquoise will bring energy and vibrancy.
  • Towels, rugs and shower curtains can be a great way to bring colour into the bathroom. Choose bold and vibrant colours or patterns.
  • Bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and jars or baskets can act as splashes of colour. You can choose colours that match the overall colour scheme of the bathroom, or choose a colour that contrasts with the dominant tone of the bathroom.

9. Create harmony by choosing matching taps, towel hooks and door knobs

By choosing a tap, door knobs and towel hooks in the same shade, you can create thoughtful harmony in your bathroom.

Choosing a tap is a decorative decision that has the greatest impact on the look of your bathroom. You can choose a tap that matches the overall style of your bathroom. For example, in a modern bathroom, you can choose a minimalist and linear tap, while in a traditional bathroom you can opt for a classic and decorative style. There are plenty of colour options. You can choose chrome, stainless steel, brass or even black to create a contrast.

Matching the colours of the door knobs and towel hooks with the material and colour of the tap creates a thoughtful and harmonious look.

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10. Use the space vertically as well

When decorating a bathroom, it's also worth making use of space vertically to maximise storage space and create an attractive look. Here are some tips on how to make the most of space vertically in your bathroom:

  • Install shelves and cupboards on the wall, extending from floor to ceiling. You can use these vertical storage solutions to store items such as towels, cosmetics, toiletries and other accessories. Choose shelves and cabinets that fit the space and style. For example, open shelving can create an open and modern look, while closed cabinets offer a clean and minimalist solution.

  • Take advantage of hanging storage solutions. You can install hooks for towels, washcloths or even baskets to put things like cosmetics or other accessories in. You can also use hanging baskets, which provide storage space and keep items easily accessible.
  • You can also place hanging houseplants high up, so that the hanging leaves fall beautifully down the wall.

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