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Cooling sheets guarantee a good night's sleep even in summer heat

Humid, sweaty nights. Desperate tossing and turning in bed in search of sleep. Cooling sheets are on many people's minds as the warm summer nights arrive. The wrong kind of sheets sweat, make you feel stuffy and take your sleep away.

It's important to understand the qualities that make sheets cool, so you can ensure a good night's sleep whatever the season and whatever the weather. In this article, we'll go through 3 characteristics of cooling sheets.


Hempea viilentävät lakanat

Prefer natural materials, such as hemp fabric

When you want to sleep without sweating, the first thing to do is to make sure your sheets are made from natural materials.

Man-made fibres such as polyester or viscose do not have an airy structure, which makes your skin feel sweaty in hot weather. This means that fabric made from artificial fibres does not allow the skin to breathe and makes sleeping uncomfortable. Please make sure that your sheets are made from 100% natural materials, as even a small amount of artificial fibres will affect their comfort and cooling properties.

For example, hemp fabric is an all-natural material that is ideal for bedding and has the most cooling properties compared to other natural fabrics.


HEMPEA Nuvvus tyynyliina, HEMPEA Nammi parivuoteen lakana ja HEMPEA Nangu parivuoteen pussilakana

In picture HEMPEA Nuvvus pillowcase, HEMPEA Nammi double bed sheet and HEMPEA Nangu double bed duvet cover

Sheets made of natural materials balance body temperature

By choosing sheets made from hemp or other natural materials, you also ensure that they help regulate body temperature. Fabrics made from natural materials have an inherent ability to regulate heat, as the fabric's structure and fibres allow air to flow through them just right.

In summer, hemp fabrics allow just enough air to flow so that warm, sweaty air does not get trapped between the sheet and the skin. The fabric also doesn't stick to the skin, so there's no air space between the skin and the sheet. The air space acts as an insulator, which makes the sheets comfortable to sleep on even in winter.  

HEMPEA Nangu pussilakana, HEMPEA Nammi hamppulakana ja Nuvvus iso tyynyliina

In picture HEMPEA Nangu duvet cover, HEMPEA Nammi hemp flat sheet and Nuvvus large pillowcase

Hemp fabric is the most effective material in removing moisture from skin


Especially in summer, we sweat more than usual, also when we sleep. The moisture on the surface of the skin increases the sensation of heat. Sheets made of artificial fibres do not allow moisture to evaporate effectively from the skin, which can make sleeping difficult.

Natural materials differ in their ability to wick moisture away from the skin. Of all natural fabrics, hemp has one of the best abilities to absorb moisture and it dries very quickly. This makes the sheets feel cool to the touch, keeps your skin dry and lets you say goodbye to sweaty, poorly slept nights.

Hemp fabric is also naturally antibacterial, which means that bacteria cannot easily multiply on the surface of the fabric. The sheets stay fresh even on sweaty nights and there's no stale odour to build up.


Cooling and durable hemp bedlinen from HEMPEA

Our product range includes cooling sheets made from natural and durable hemp fabric that will help you sleep comfortably at night, whatever the season.

Hempea viilentävat lakanat eri sävyissä


Hemp sheets are also the choice of those who appreciate nature. Hemp grows quickly without chemical fertilisers and pesticides, making it an ecological material. The fabric will not lint or lose its shape, but will instead improve with washing. Hemp sheets are therefore made to stand the test of time and use. They could well be your sheets for the rest of your life.

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