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How to take care of your hemp textiles?

Care instructions for hemp textiles

Often HEMPEA hemp towels and bed linen are the most loved and used textiles in your home. Luckily they only get better and softer in use <3

How to take care of hemp textiles so that they'll stay in good condition as long as possible?


Hemp is an antibacterial material and keeps fresh long. That's why it needs washing less frequently  than many other textiles.

Hemp stands even high washing temperatures, 60°C or even higher. We still recommend to wash HEMPEA products in 40°C, because it usually is enough to clean the hemp textile. High washing temperatures wear the textile out sooner and takes up more energy than washing at lower temperatures. By washing the textiles inside out you'll save it from excess straining.

Hemp releases loose fibre specially during the first washes. This is why we recommend to wash hemp textiles separately from other textiles and with similar colours. Due to the pilling it's good to clean the lint filter regularly, particularly after the first washes. You can also wet the towels and bed linen before putting it in the washer. This way there will be abundantly water during the washing and the loose fibre gets released away with the washing water.

When the washing machine is filled only half way, the linen and towels stay sleeker.

Instead of fabric softener vinegar is very suitable for taking care of hemp textiles. Fabric softener makes a tiny layer on the textile surface and it weakens the absorbent qualities of hemp towels. Fabric softener is also not ecological.

  • Wash inside out in 40°C
  • Remove stains fresh with a natural soap, such as gall soap or marseille soap.
  • Wash separately from other textiles and with similar colours. Clean the lint filter regularly.
  • Do not use fabric softener, and use vinegar instead.

Washing and ironing of HEMPEA hemp linen

Stain removal

Stains come off of hemp fairly easily, so don't be afraid to use your hemp textiles like napkins or table cloths.

 The best washing result you'll get however, when removing stains fresh for example with gall soap, or other natural ways.

Drying and ironing

Hemp fabric somewhat wrinkles in use. On the other hand it straightens well when it's set straight after washing and dried on a clothes line. If you like, you can iron or wring hemp textiles. Ironing is easiest when the fabric is still a little moist. If the laundry gets dried completely, you may spray it damp with water. Hemp can be ironed with high heat (3 points).

Drying in tumble dryer wears out the hemp fibre and shortens the lifetime of the product.

  • Do not use tumble dryer
  • Straighten hemp textiles to their shape and hang on clothes line to dry.
  • Iron or mangle from reverse side when moist. Dried textile can be spayed lightly with water before ironing.
  • Iron with high heat (3 points).

How to take care of HEMPEA hemp towels

Repairing and recycling

Even the most durable textiles are at the end of their life cycle some day. If there is a hole, it can be repaired. You can ask us for a small piece of hemp fabric to patch the fabric. When one day it's time to part ways, hemp textile can be composted or recycled as material for new products or fabrics.

Get to know our HEMPEA bed linen and HEMPEA towels made of 100% hemp fabric.

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