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HEMPEA Duvet cover set (Nangu duvet cover + Nuvvus pillowcase)

HEMPEA Duvet cover set (Nangu duvet cover + Nuvvus pillowcase)

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HEMPEA Nangu duvet cover (Color)
HEMPEA Nuvvus pillowcase 50 x 60 cm (Color)

A sheet set that will wrap you in tight sleep. The duvet cover set includes a hemp fabric pillowcase size 50 x 60 cm and a duvet cover that fits 150 x 200 cm / 210 cm size blankets.

Soft, gentle, excellently breathable hemp duvet covers and pillowcases are the absolute favorites of our customers. This bedding set only gets better with use.

The package contains a single-colored duvet cover (size 145 x 210 cm) and a pillowcase in the shade of your choice (50 x 60 cm). You can order additional pillowcases here: Nuvvus pillowcase and "Farewell to winter" pillowcase.

NOTE! Varpu-colored pillowcase sets will be delivered as a late delivery in June.

"I first bought the pillowcases to try the material and I think hemp is definitely the best linen material I've ever tried. The pillowcase holds its pattern, is sturdy and suitably rough. The surface of the fabric is beautiful." - Tutta

HEMPEA bedding is made in Finland from ecological and sustainable hemp fabric. It is suitably cool on hot nights and soothingly warm on cool nights. The fabric gets even better with the number of washes.

The duvet cover set is available in five different colors. The colors are inspired by the nature of Lapland.

Dimensions: pillow case 50x60 cm + duvet cover 145x210 cm (suitable for 150x200 cm / 210 cm blankets, Finnish standard size)

Material: 100% hemp fabric - ecological and sustainable choice

Fabric strength: About 200-230 g/m2 (depending on the color)

Country of manufacture: The products are designed and sewn in Finland. Hemp fabric is cultivated and made into fabric in Europe.

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Features of the duvet cover set:

  • With a duvet cover and pillowcase made of hemp fabric, you bring luxury to the bedroom.
  • Made of durable hemp fabric that withstands wear and tear.
  • The fabric is breathable and does not feel abrasive on the skin even on warm nights, but when the weather cools down it feels soothingly warm.
  • Openings in the hem and upper edges of the fitted sheet make it easier to put the blanket in. The pillowcase has a folding closure.
  • Keeps its shape well compared to, for example, sheets made of cotton.
  • You can order a fabric sample if you want to familiarize yourself with hemp fabric before making a decision to purchase the products.

Shade options:

  • Dune – undyed beige. This shade reminds of the sand of the rivers flowing in Lapland and the clear fell streams.
  • Snow – pure white. As the name suggests, this shade is inspired by the blanket of snow that shrouds nature in beautiful white for several months.
  • Mist - blue-grey. This shade was inspired by the fog blanket that billows over the fells of Lapland.
  • Twig – green. This slightly broken green shade is inspired by the twigs that cover our forests.

  • Winter sky - pink. This shade is reminiscent of the beautiful winter sky of Lapland. The one when the sun doesn't rise above the horizon but still colors the sky in a beautiful shade of pink.

Care and washing instructions for the fitted sheet set:

  • Recommended washing temperature 40°C. Hemp can also be washed at 60°C, but washes well at a lower temperature.
  • Bleaching detergent, fabric softener or tumble drying is not recommended
  • Washing vinegar can be used.
  • Wash inside out with similar colors. Lint may come off the product in the first few washes.
  • Shrinks no more than 5%, which is taken into account in the size of the products.
  • Ironing with damp heat (3 points)

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